Category: Simon’s 3 Month Challenge

Blog 6, day 69

So it definitely is harder to keep this blog updated whilst doing Instagram and Facebook, so I think the next blog might not be till the end as a recap/write-up with a lot of the other photos, memories,… Read More

Blog 5, Day 50

I’ve decided without a computer that writing these blogs is difficult, especially when most of what I say is mentioned in my daily social media posts. The best way to view the posts anonymously (if for some reason… Read More

Blog 4, day 30

So tomorrow is the first calendar month since I started my journey. I started this journey on the 23rd of June, and have already learned a lot about myself, my patterns, and a lot of my triggers that… Read More

Blog 3, day 17

Looks like the blogs are going to be each time I recharge power, so every 8-10 days for 6hrs ill have a chance to put my focus into writing. So today I write my blog from the Falls… Read More

Update 2, Day 9

Update number 2 since I’ve been out here. I’m slack, yes I know, but I am keeping up with Instagram and Facebook (and learning a lot more about both. Anyway, its day number 9 today). There might be… Read More

The day prior to leaving : Getting ready to go!

Thanks everyone, thank you for the huge support you have all given 🙂 I have everything packed and am ready to go, and thank you all so much for helping me be able to survive. It will be… Read More