The day prior to leaving : Getting ready to go!

Thanks everyone, thank you for the huge support you have all given 🙂

I have everything packed and am ready to go, and thank you all so much for helping me be able to survive.

It will be a challenge and a journey, both through a lot of isolation and huge amounts of excitement .

I now want to help others that have helped me, and then gradually help to spread a message about mental health.

And I now thank you for helping me get on back on my feet, to learn to appreciate life, and to help me start again.

Much love,
I will try and send daily pics to Instagram/Facebook, GPS logs of my journeys and locations, and occasional Gofundme Updates and Blog Update
(and ps, when the conditions are right I’ll kite that kayak Nick now that its 8K, and apparently Baz now says that when it hits 8.5K I have to do a night kite when its a full moon…)